IVRS Software


Route your customers to the right agents based on their inputs.

What is a Virtual Receptionist?

A pre-recorded automated interactive technology that routes the call to the right customer support executive by analyzing the keypad inputs given by the caller. With ConVox there is always somebody to answer your business calls.


Multi-Level IVR
Sub IVR are created under main IVR to intake more user input.
Call Recording
Records all the Calls (100% Recording).
Complete and comprehensive reporting of your Calls & Campaigns.
Monitoring Tools
All Resources like Servers, Calls, Campaign Can be Monitored live.
Voice Mail
Caller can leave a voice message when nobody available to take call.
Single Number
User can specify a single number for all type of caller.
Call Forwarding
Calls are forwarded to a given number based on caller input.
Missed Call Handling
Captures data of caller incase all users are busy.


"Bridging Your Customer Solutions"

Customization : As per your business process requirement.

PBX Integration : Can be integrated to any external PBX on standard interfaces like PRI/SIP.

Email Integration : Email can be integrated with IVR.

SMS Integration :SMS can be integrated with ConVox IVR.


"To ensure security and integrity of your call center"​

Voice Encryption : Voice can be encrypted and stored in Local/Cloud.

Session Handling : No user can view the reports without the login of admin.

No Data Injection : Data Injection is prevented in MYSQL Server.

Cross Site Attack : Application is guarded against cross site attack.