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Problem Statement

In this well-connected world, by the internet and software technologies, it has also brought in the greater responsibility for the society, that the opportunities and situations created with time should not go unnoticed and thus not getting being tackled. For the first time in history, it has happened that the voice of a person could be made available to the whole world, delivering it from a particular place and at a particular time.

As the internet and software touches lives in each and every field, so does the education field also.

We all know that many human beings in this world are not fortunate enough to get the education because of monetary issues or physical presence required for the education, imparted without software and internet solutions.

Solution to the problem

Call center software has brought in the solution for the education through voice and video-based education systems, where the information could be delivered by recording them and played later at the desired time and place.

Many countries still have very low bandwidth connectivity and thus at those places voice-based solutions could be provided which requires less bandwidth, and monetary-wise also much cheaper, also where information and education is not affordable due to the mass population living below the poverty line.

The call center software provided to the end-user solution is also very cheap and does not require the walls to conduct classes, which brings in more affordability of continuing education for the people who are in jobs and do not want to have long breaks during their study period. At the ease of this they could start and finish their lessons from any place and at any desired time.

The lessons could be recorded and kept in cloud storage, from where it could be shared at a very cheap price. Now, very advanced encryption technology is there to keep them safe and secure.

Person sitting in the remotest of the places on earth could attend classes provided by the top-most universities of the world. With its outreach, the fees also have drastically come down in comparison to the physical presence needed to be there, due to people enrolling in masses and availability at any place and any time, bringing in more profitability.

Real-life examples

Two very big and reputed education entities, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) and Udemy use the software solution to its fullest potential in imparting the education online at a very affordable cost. This has helped many in acquiring the knowledge and getting educated as per their interest and needs.

NMIMS has the student portal which, on login by the student, provides the digital library with a plethora of books and articles to read. It also has the calendar on which the date and time of the live classes are mentioned, and if the student misses the class by any chance could again revisit it to the recorded video. Thus, students could attend the lecture according to their own convenience. It also provides the student support with the email and calling facility, for any clarification, suggestion or complaints required. It supports the submission of assignments. Students could register for the exams and can pay for the course online. Due to the pandemic the portal also facilitated taking the exams online, with proper checks and monitoring done through security software, and through laptop or desktop camera. It also has built in chat solution which interacts with the student and examiner throughout the exam. The portal also displays the results of exams that has been given by the student.

Udemy on the other hand displays the course names on its portal, where the ratings, description and enrolled number of students for the particular course is also displayed. A learner could select the course(s) as according to their wish and add it to the cart. After adding to the cart, he/she could revisit again and buy the course(s) as the given price. Now that course becomes available by creating the login. That course then could be finished at the learner’s convenience time and place. After the completion the digital certificate is also issued in the name of learner. The learner could also set its own pace for the recorded lectures and make notes of it whenever required. It also has the section for questioning and answering where the learner could ask the questions to the lecturer, and in turn answers are made available to the learner when the lecturer attends to it.

ConVox Solution can be helpful to solve the problem

ConVox provides the voice, as well as video chat solution to the whole team. Lecturer and students attending has the benefits for the following features: -

  • Share the desktop, presentations, and more
  • Invite students to the class via a simple, custom URL
  • Edit documents together
  • Pick fun meeting URLs for every meeting
  • Trade messages and emojis while using video class, with integrated chat.
  • Auto-view the active speaker or click on any attendee to see their video
  • Android and iOS O.S.
  • Text chatting (web only)
  • Lock a room with a password
  • Screen sharing
  • Streaming a lecture to YouTube live
  • Shared text document
  • Raise/Lower your hand for attention
  • Participant talk-time statistics
  • Push-to-talk mode
  • Play a YouTube video to all attendees’ call
  • Audio-only option
  • Telephone dial-in to a conference
  • Dial-out to a telephone participant
  • Integration in other apps / websites
  • Class Recording
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