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How Sales Managers Are Driving Sales With Cloud Telephony

In the current situation connecting with the customer is very crucial, Cloud Telephony helps in calling customers and scheduling demos is a part of every successful business. Manual call management systems poorly impact organizations that rely on manual ways to enhance customer satisfaction and generate leads. But how do you keep the communication going without leaving the CRM? Every year a company loses about 25% of its customers mostly due to poor customer service. 

With inbuilt cloud telephony in your CRM, you can retain around 89% of your customers.

Data is valuable for all businesses. Having migrated to cloud Telephony, the business phone is the trendiest channel for customer engagement. Every detail related to a call and other call data from each incoming or outgoing call will be collected and stored in your centralized database.

An efficient lead management system helps your business to be organized with all the valuable data you have. Apart from tracking calls, integrating your call solutions into a CRM means access to more leads. You can track all your call log history, your call data including which is generating more leads.

On the other hand, CRM integrated with Cloud Telephony gives you information about customer basic information, existing accounts, leads, and sales opportunities. Get more information about how to convert sales leads.

Automation helps in successful customer experience, in a world where everything is shifting to cloud telephony.

CRM with inbuilt cloud telephony comes with tools that help you keep track of information you receive from other sources. It is one driving force behind delivering value to your customers and reducing your business costs.

Through virtual phone numbers, agents can access all customer information in the cloud database. They can check voicemails, view caller details, listen to recordings, and more. Cloud telephony allows employees to make and receive calls from wherever they are.

The integration of cloud telephony and CRM leads to a consistent flow of information to know your customers properly. This information includes interaction, contacts browsed, the level of responsiveness to calls, and general interaction with customers.

It also automatically generates a cloud-based database which once integrated with CRM systems provides complete information. It includes call volumes, call-time, cost per call, missed calls, solving rates, and more.

How Cloud Telephony benefits your business?

With a huge scope of customization, Reach each customer one-on-one through personalized greetings, voice call management, detailed understanding of their preferences, cloud telephony, etc. Boost up your high-quality customer service. It readily integrates cloud telephony into your CRM and the callers are routed to the sales agent who is most qualified to meet their needs. Based on the customizable data you can divide which agent you want to deal with one particular customer in the cloud telephony.

With real-time reporting, call monitoring, and call recording you can make data-driven decisions for your business based on comprehensive information. By integrating communication components into your CRM system improves your employee productivity. Your team no longer has to shift from the CRM to the phone to make or receive calls as your existing setup can be integrated with cloud telephony.

CRM with inbuilt cloud telephony saves a lot of time for your team and effort to search for the customer’s profile before initiating a business communication. It can be the best CRM for the startup with IVR integration. You can also use call conferencing to track individual sales agents’ contributions. You can also train your new recruits by showing them the call recordings.

Managers can give personalized feedback to strengthen their skills and performances.

With the advancement in technology, a CRM with inbuilt cloud telephony can help your business grow significantly. It will surely take you a step closer to customer gratification and solve customer support issues seamlessly. CRM and cloud telephony are a dynamic combination of increased profits for your business.

Real-life customer examples


1. Voxnine Labs Pvt Ltd

 is one of our clients located at Baroda, Gujarat. It is a startup Call Center and looking for a good solution that could help them both on-premises and also if the agent is working from home. We pitched our Cloud Telephony with inbuilt CRM to cater to their needs.

2. Swasth Arogya 

deals with ayurvedic products and have their offices at multiple locations in Ahmedabad, they were looking for a solution which used across all their offices and managed centrally

 How ConVox Solution can be helpful to solve the problem

ConVox gives an enterprise solution with a lot of inbuilt features and also it can be customized as per the requirement like integration of API, SMS, Whatsapp.

Moreover, we at Deepija Telecom give you a 24/7 support service that enables you to run the business seamlessly.



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