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Enhancing Customer Experience Through Effective software solutions for your Call Center concerns.

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Omni Channel Solutions

Our call center solutions & services will revolutionize your contact center. Effective, Complete and Comprehensive Support for your contact center needs on cloud

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Call Center Solutions & Services

Smart Call Center Solutions & Services that supports to deliver highly exceptional customer experiences. Best Software Solutions for your Business.

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Predictive (predictable) Dialer

A predictive dialer is a telephony technology designed for outbound calling that utilizes an automatic dialing feature from a predetermined list of telephone numbers and connects answered calls to agents or representatives . The key feature of a predictive dialer is its ability to predict when a human agent will be available to take the next call. This efficient process utilizes statistical algorithms to minimize agent idle time.


Omni Channel Contact Center

An Omni-Channel Contact Center refers to a customer support or service center that integrates and manages customer interactions across multiple communication channels seamlessly. The term ``Omni-Channel`` emphasizes the idea of providing a unified and consistent experience for customers, regardless of the channel they use to interact with the company. These channels can include phone calls, WhatsApp, emails, live chat, social media and SMS.


Contact Center App

The Call Center App is a holistic customer service application crafted to optimize communication processes and elevate overall customer satisfaction.

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WhatsApp Solutions

The WhatsApp solution is a dynamic platform seamlessly integrated with call center capabilities. This versatile system empowers customers to engage in chat, share information, execute campaigns, leverage chatbots and incorporate third-party APIs. With this solution, users can benefit from a secure, comprehensive end-to-end management platform dedicated to WhatsApp interactions.


Ticketing/ Grievance Management

A ticketing system helps organizations manage and track customer inquiries, service request and support issues. It serves as a centralized system for handling and resolving incidents, problems and service request efficiently.



Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a telephonic system that automates communication by incorporating prerecorded messages, Text-to-speech and speech to text and a DTMF (dual-tone multi-frequency interface). This combination facilitates caller engagement, enabling them to access and provide information without human interface.



Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a technology -driven strategy for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers. The primary goal is to improve business relationship, streamline process,organizing and increase profitability.

Cloud Services

We bring high end Telecom Applications to you As Service (TAAS)

Other Products

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Email Solution

Our Email Ticketing Solution is here to rescue you! With our personalized and automated system, you can effortlessly manage and accelerate your customer service. Say goodbye to endless manual sorting and hello to streamlined efficiency. Enhance customer satisfaction and improve response times with our cutting-edge solution.

IP-PBX System

With our feature-rich IP PBX, you'll enjoy crystal-clear voice quality, seamless call routing, advanced call management features, and more. Experience the power of cutting-edge technology and take your business communication to new heights with Deepija Telecom's IP PBX. The ultimate telephony system that revolutionizes how you make and receive calls.

Bulk Communication Tool

Reach your audience effortlessly with our powerful broadcasting system. Whether you need to notify customers, send personalized SMS messages, or engage with IVRS messages, our automated tool has got you covered. Save time and resources by effortlessly communicating with a large list of recipients.

Audio Conference

The sophisticated solution that revolutionizes remote meetings. With our cutting-edge technology, you can seamlessly connect with two or more participants over any PSTN media. Whether it's a crucial business discussion or a collaborative brainstorming session, our Audio Conference ensures crystal-clear audio quality and hassle-free communication.

Call Center Solutions 

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Deepija has highly motivated and experienced team of software engineers. They analyze the customer requirements accurately and provide most appropriate solutions.


Deepija Telecom Pvt. Ltd. was started in 2003 by Alok Kaushal and Deepak Agarwal to provide High Quality Telecom Application, call center software, call center solutions to enterprises. Deepija is a designer and developer of high quality telecom software solutions. It provides affordable solutions with the use of cutting edge technology and a strong R&D base. It has a specialization in telecom application development using VoIP and CTI technologies. We are Currently Serving in India, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and more.

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