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AI Based Lead Checking tool

Experience the future of lead checking with us. Welcome to a world where artificial intelligence drives results and transforms the way you do business. Get rid of perplexing Telecom hang-up cause codes. Look through our AI lens for real reasons for call disconnect.


Service Overview

ConVox Lead checking tool uses AI for accuracy. The Solution analyses Telecom provider’s response for every non-connected call, processes it through an AI engine, and generates an accurate reason for call disconnection rather than depending on general cause codes. Experience the power of AI-driven lead management with our AI-Based Lead Checking Tool. Streamline your lead qualification processes, improve lead quality, and drive sales growth with our innovative solution. AI-Based Lead Checking Tool, designed to revolutionize lead management for call center operations.

User Advantages


Lead Checking Software

Huge volumes of sales calls are dialed every single day through machines. Calling lists contains many numbers, which are no longer being used or wrong. These numbers can be scrubbed to save resources.


Better optimized data

An accurate customer phone number will help your team to save the time and effort of dialing the numbers, which are no more in use.

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This level of accuracy of information isn’t possible only with manual/ or operator sent dispositions. AI Call disposition allows you to go further, with more detailed metrics and finely-grained reporting—which makes for more efficient contact center management.


Improved Customer Connect

Your valuable customer may have changed his number. You have an automated tool to get this information and try to connect him through other means.


Detailed and Accurate Reporting

For reporting, real call disposition can be particularly important. The goal of reporting is to understand better how effective the data is doing and how you can improve the connectivity.

Product Features

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Data Upload

Bulk data can be pushed using API or manually in .csv, .xls, .tx


Re churn

Failed calls can be set to re churn using the meaningful outcomes



Reports can be downloaded in .csv and .xls format.

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Multiple operator compatibility

System processes responses from multiple operators simultaneously



Live dashboard of call processing

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