2022-06-24 04:03:12

Improved user experience is the major aspect of every business. Despite technology and cost, companies are very keen to have smooth functioning. Whether it is a site, online service, or application, every component of digital life is established according to a minimalist approach. Such a trend of providing comfortability paves the way for TTS (text to speech technology) that is now raging across diverse industries.

1. Makes Your Content More Accessible

Let’s know the importance of text to speech. Firstly, it assists to make your content accessible to people with some challenges. These challenges are visual impairments, learning disabilities, or literacy challenges.

Plus, multitasking can also be challenging sometimes. This is the reason why TTS is beneficial for people on the go. Basically, text to speech turns text into audio. Hence, it increases the options for people with disabilities, and for people who go through the challenge of multitasking.

Now, the most basic example of TTS is establishing a site speech-enabled to reach wider people. But, there are various methods to utilize text to speech around multiple sectors.

2. Creating A Unique Brand Voice

Text to speech is very customizable. Along with sounding smooth and natural, with proper intonation and rhythm, voices are formed in a manner that can be trained to make a certain speaking style. This involves specific inflections and variations on phonemes, syllables, and words as well.

Through SSML, speech can be further improved and customized by including elements such as:

  • Pauses
  • Date
  • Time
  • Numbers
  • Acronym pronunciation
  • Any other pronunciation-specific instructions.

You can utilize these aspects to develop an engaging voice showcasing your business which will get a stronger presence in the ears of listeners.

3. Optimized Development and Maintenance

Text to speech supports the most widespread platforms, is available both in the cloud as well as on-premises, and is scalable as per the actual business requirements, saving maintenance and development efforts as well.

4. Increased Web Presence

Websites that have text to speech technology can attract 741 millions of people all across the world with literacy problems and 250 million people with visual impairments. Plus, speech enabling web content does not interfere with usability for those that don’t have any disabilities. It helps everyone, including non-native speakers and older users.

5. Voice To Publishers and Customer Service

Posting new content never goes out of fashion. This is because it goes with the changes in the environment. Some skilled content owners utilize text to speech converters to turn their stories, articles, or books into audio. On the other hand, customer service centers utilize text to speech to permit top-notch conversations with the consumers.

6. Saved time and money 

With TTS that is cloud-based on a Saas platform, online content can effectively and conveniently be speech-enabled, and maintenance is negligible.

In Conclusion

In this fast age world, every task is done on the go and today multitasking is everything. Thanks to the accessibility as well as convenience of text to speech, users can now choose to listen to the content they want from anywhere.

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