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what do call center metrics

Call center metrics to measure the overall efficiency of the team of your call center including agent productivity and customer satisfaction. Managers of customer call centers keep an eye on key performance indicators (KPIs) to track how resourcefully a call center is attaining business goals.

Metrics provide a fantastic way to monitor this large amount of data. There are many metrics, and the selection will likely depend on your role and your need to measure.  For instance, leaders of a call center might need one set of KPIs, but front-line managers may need a diverse view of that.

Top Call Center Metrics and KPIs for Call Center!!!

To measure the overall efficiency and productivity of a call center two major factors are: Talk time and handling time of customer calls. Here are some accepted call center performance metrics to the pathway:

  • The Average Desertion Rate:-

This metric is to keep track of the percentage of callers who hang up their calls before reaching an agent. It is very common in call centers and needs immediate resolution.

  • Percentage of Calls Blocked:-

This metric measures the number of inbound callers who get busy time at the time of calling which could be due to:

   1. Lack of available agents or software to route calls automatically.

   2. The call center software isn't properly installed to tackle the call volume.

  • Average Call Queue Time:-

This metric counts the number of time callers are trapped in call queues. Then this calculated number is divided by the total number of calls answered to get an accurate result.

  • Serivce Rank:-

This metric of call center calculates the agent real-time productivity. It is based on the answered calls percentage within the specified time.

  • Average Time to Answer and Handle calls:-

It measures the average time an agent takes to answer calls within a specific period starting from picking up the call until disconnected.

  • The Average Time Off Work After a Call:-

​​​​​​​Tracks and measures the average time agents take to complete the call-related work after it's finished.

  • First, Call Resolution Time:-

​​​​​​​Tracks the percentage of calls to resolve the customer issue in his first call without transferring or returning the call.

  • Tenure Rate:-​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​It indicates how much time agents are involved in live calls or finishing up related work.

Industry Standards for Call Centers Metrics!!!

Using metrics in the place of work is supportive of the industry. It enables the company to understand how routine actions affect company operations to set and track goals. There are common standards for metrics and KPIs although each call center has its way of measuring performance. They have a complete focus to reveal key insights into the customer experience, highlighting quality and quantity equally. Four best practices of metrics to maximize customer satisfaction and performance of a call center:

  • Experience of a customer
  • Productivity of an agent
  • Initiation of call
  • Operations of call center

In addition, agents need strategic metrics and KPIs to track customer service. In contrast, operational managers require more comprehensive metrics to make the right decisions for better customer service.

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