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Anoo’s Saloon

Company Name: Anoo’s Electrolysis and Obesity Pvt Ltd
Industry: Beauty & wellness
Number of Agents: 30
Average Number of Calls: 120

Customer Profile: Anoo’s Salon & Clinic is a renowned brand offering top-tier clinical and salon services, catering to skin, hair, and weight loss needs for both genders through a team of proficient experts. With a pioneering vision for excellence, Anoo's has expanded to 27 locations across 15 cities in 3 states, solidifying its position as the largest fully women-owned company in South India.
Anoo’s has been a trailblazer in introducing innovative programs such as weight loss regimens, the Zerona non-invasive fat loss laser, IbPro™ for warts removal & UHR, advanced Laser treatments, and organic services, setting new standards in the industry.

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