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IVR Tracking Solutions by ConVox

With ConVox IVR Tracking, organizations can track caller behavior, measure call completion rates, and identify areas for improvement to enhance customer experiences.

Product Overview

IVRS Calling & Tracking Solutions

Introducing the IVR Tracking Solutions by Deepija Telecom Revolutionizing Customer Interactions. In today’s fast-paced world, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance customer experiences and simplify their operations. One such solution that has transformed the way businesses handle customer calls is IVR Tracking technology. Deepija Telecom presents its advance IVRS Calling Solution, designed to transform customer interactions and optimize call management.

With this advanced system in place, businesses can easily handle high call volumes without compromising on quality or efficiency. Gone are the days of customers waiting endlessly on hold; the IVRS Calling Solution significantly reduces waiting time, ensuring a seamless and prompt response for every caller.

Product Features

Features of Interactive IVR Solution or Voice Response System


With IVRS Solution, multitasking and multi-threading facilities lead to simultaneous handling of 4 analogue channels, 30 digital channels, or more channels.


Detecting an incoming ring and automatically establishing a connection in response to the ring signal.


Capable of working round the clock throughout the year.


Work with all types of exchanges on voice lines or trunk lines with any telecom operator of landline networks and cellular phone networks.


Provides call statistics and customized reports.

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ODBC support for accessing all kinds of standard databases.


Multiple language support with user configurable channel specific language.

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IVR Tracking client case studies

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What is the ConVox Call Center App?

Call center software is a solution that helps a call center to manage its operations through mobile phones as agent workstation therefore increase the efficiency, effectiveness and get the best productivity from call center agents.

What is the benefit of ConVox call center App?

Call Center software serves as a backbone of customer communication. It helps to increase overall productivity and enables agents to handle both incoming and outgoing calls in an efficient manner with existing mobile phones as work stations. It also enables easy tracking of calls for quality of service.

What is the purpose of a Call Center App?

Call center solutions are used for improving customer experience and to increase the productivity of a call center by enabling the proper information. It also enables live monitoring, call barge-in, call coaching and MIS of agents.

What is ACD in a call center software?

Automatic Call Distribution or ACD, is a module commonly available in call center software. It is a business logic to distribute incoming calls to contact center agents or employees with specific skills to handle a large volume of inbound calls.

What is Call Queue in a call center software?

A call queue places incoming calls in line to be answered while agents are busy with other calls. The queued calls are distributed to the next available agent in the order received.We can route the incoming calls to different queues based on the preference defined.

What is meant by Auto dialing / Predictive Dialing in a call center dialer?

The predictive dialer predicts when an agent will be free to take the call. Predictive Dialer in a call center software, dials the call for an agent before he is free, to make sure that he gets a call just after finishing an existing call. Thus ensuring agents are busy most of the time and get more productivity.

What is the maximum pacing allowed in ConVox call center dialer?

Pacing ratio is proportional to the number of calls dialed by a predictive dialer for a free agent. ConVox call center dialer allows up to 10 pacing.

What is meant by Progressive Dialing in a call center dialer?

On completing the previous call (or moving from “Wrap-up” to “Go ready”) the Call Center Dialer automatically dials the next number on the list.

What is preview dialing in a Call Center Dialer?

Preview Dialing is a dialing mode of Call Center Dialer. In Preview dialing mode, the agent can see the customer details before calling. He can place a call by clicking the dial link available in the data points in a selective way from the uploaded data.

Does ConVox Call Center Software ensure 100% call recording (voice Logging) in call centers? How can admin download the recordings?

Yes, ConVox Call Center Software ensures 100% call recording (voice Logging) . Admin can download the call recordings from the call recording report.

Does ConVox Call Center Solution support Barge-In and Hot Transfer in a call center?

Yes, ConVox Call Center Solution supports Barge-In and Hot Transfer.

Can agents schedule call backs in ConVox Call Center Software?

ConVox Call Center Software allows agents to set call backs and even shows the list of call backs so that agents can call customers on time.

Will ConVox Call Center Solution support blended call center operations?

Yes, ConVox Call Center Solution supports Incoming, Outgoing and Blended call centers.

Can we monitor all call center agents in real time in ConVox Call Center Solution?

ConVox Call Center Solution has inbuilt dashboards and wallboards which display the information of all the agents in a call center.

How do I Manage multiple IVR in ConVox call center software?

ConVox call center software allows users to create multiple IVR and Sub-IVR in an easy to operate GUI.

Is the Scheduler option available in the ConVox call center solution?

Yes, the Scheduler option is available in the ConVox call center solution.

What do you mean by Number Masking in the ConVox call center solution?

ConVox call center solution provides a unique feature which masks client mobile number on agent screen to ensure database security.

What do you mean by dynamic CRM in ConVox call center solution?

ConVox call center solution has an inbuilt module where the user can create his/her custom CRM template as per process requirement. Same will pop-up on the agent screen when a call is given to the Call Center Agent.

What is average talk time or average handling time (AHT) in a call center solution?

Average Talk Time or average Handling Time in a call center solution is the interaction time spent with a client on an average.

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