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Customer Success Stories:

Dubai Free Zone uses ConVox Contact Center Solution to enhance customer experience.

ConVox Contact Center Solution enables Dubai Free-Zone Customers to avail the services on Phone calls, WhatsApp and Email. We started our journey together in January 2023, and we would like to share our client’s journey with us.

Our client uses Zoho CRM to run their operations. However, they wanted a CTI interface to handle inbound and outbound calls in Zoho CRM and redirect buttons to open Zoho pages for leads, queries, and guides. Hence, we have integrated Zoho CRM with Convox Solution.

Moreover, our client uses ConvoxCCS 4.0 Omni Channel solution with the Data Upload API Plugin. This feature will help our agents to give calls to customers in less than 5 seconds whenever they fill out the client’s website request form.

They have integrated Omni Channel Software with WhatsApp solutions. Out of 220 agents, 16 agents are distributed to the WhatsApp chat. Chat distribution, parallel chat handling, and scheduler features are included in the WhatsApp solution.

Our client just started with 60 agents, and down the line, they have now upgraded to 220 agents. So far, our client is happy with our products and services and would love to do more profitable business with us in the future.

Emerging Call Center Technology Trends:

Emotional Analysis:

Sentiment analysis is a contact center AI technology that may be used to recognize and track client and agent emotions and attitudes expressed in a piece of text.

Emotional Analysis image for landing page

Our product provides comprehensive text emotion analysis by accurately identifying and categorizing 28 distinct emotions expressed in the text. It offers a detailed and nuanced understanding of the emotional content, allowing users to gain valuable insights into the range of emotions conveyed in the text data. 

It helps in Customer support and sentiment analysis, social-media analytics, and Brand reputation management. 

We have recently launched the Beta version of the emotional analysis which has contentedly been adapted by our numerous customers across the globe. 

ConVox Newsletter June 2021

Deepija Telecom Current News:

Deepija Telecom participated in Hyderabad Software Engineers Association (HYSEA) Expo

Impetus, an innovative event focused on accelerating digital transformation and empowering industries, was held at the Novotel, Madhapur, on June 23, 2023. FTCCI and HYSEA, two industry pioneers, co-hosted the event. Deepija Telecom Pvt. Ltd. also took part in the event.

Deepijatel Stall event phota hysea

In the event, we met a few old customers, and we nurtured some leads from new customers. Several industries—software, Education, Staffing, Healthcare, Banking, farming, and so on—participated in the event.

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