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CASHe – Customer Success Story

CASHe Uses Omni-Channel Whatsapp Integration to Streamline Loan Queries and Payment Reminders

CASHe, operated by Bhanix Finance & Investment Limited, is a leading money lending app in India, specializing in instant online loans. With a strong focus on customer interaction, CASHe engages users via WhatsApp for loan inquiries, disbursements, offers, and payments. To bolster their customer support framework, we’ve implemented an Omni-Channel Contact Centre Solution 4.0, integrating WhatsApp with tailored enhancements.

Features like WhatsApp Blueticks confirm message receipt. The list-wise sticky agent function ensures customer-initiated chats are directed to designated agents. Agents can even log out of the panel for report retrieval while maintaining active chat sessions. This integrated system empowers CASHe to provide seamless support, enhancing their user experience and service efficiency.

Emerging Call Center Technology Trends:

AI-Enhanced Call Disposition Solution

ConVox’s Lead checking tool uses AI for accuracy. The Solution analyses the telecom provider’s response for every non-connected call, processes it through an AI engine, and generates an accurate reason for call disconnection rather than depending on general cause codes.

ai voice bot convox news letter august 2023

The AI Disposition tool cleans up your calling list with non-existing, expired, and discontinued numbers. Get rid of perplexing Telecom hangup codes. Look through our AI lens for the real reasons for call disconnects.

The use of the AI Disposition tool can help businesses improve customer connections, optimize customer data, save time and effort, and increase work productivity.

ConVox Newsletter June 2021

Deepija Telecom Current News:

Highlights from India Africa ICT EXPO 2023: Impressive Collaborations and Connections

The India Africa ICT EXPO 2023 was held on August 9-10 at Ethiopian Skylight Hotel, Addis Ababa, with support from Embassy of India, Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Addis Chamber, and ICTET. Deepija Telecom Pvt Ltd showcased its solutions, engaging visitors and fellow exhibitors. Alok Kaushal (MD), Deepija Kaushal (Sales executive), Simachew Zeleke (Local BDM), and Merahegn Alemayehu (Local technical support engineer) were the participants of the event

Fruitful meetings with Ethio-telecom and CNET Software Technologies explored potential partnerships. The event facilitated connections across industries—finance, healthcare, e-commerce, ERP, government. Successful meetings with Ethio-telecom and CNET software also paved the way for future collaborations.

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