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ConVox News Letter

Customer Success Stories:

Haqdarshak’s Success Story with Deepija Telecom to Empower Citizens & MSMEs

In 2022, Haqdarshak Organization, based in Pune, partnered with Deepija Telecom to facilitate seamless communication for dispensing information on government welfare and financial services to citizens & MSMEs.

Deepija Telecom provided Hosted Contact Center Solution as SaaS within a short duration that allows multiple dialing modes for both inbound and outbound calls. Calls were handled round the clock seamlessly and efficiently. Notably, the system automatically redials dropped calls.

The incorporation of Data Base Encryption, safeguarding customer mobile numbers, call recordings, and agent-admin data, elevated trust among users. Tailored modifications to agent custom performance reports and dump reports further optimized operations.

We can strongly say, our collaboration has empowered Haqdarshak to educate millions about government welfare schemes, making a significant impact since its inception.

Haqdarshak contact number – 9370780374

Trending Technology News

WebRTC in Contact Centers:

WebRTC is a valuable tool that allows agents to communicate with customers in real time through their web browser, without the need for specialized hardware or software.

This can significantly reduce the cost of call center operations, as it eliminates the need for expensive proprietary hardware and software while providing a rich set of communication features that can enhance the customer experience.

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Deepija Telecom Current News:

New Year and Christmas Celebrations at Deepija Telecom

Deepija Telecom embraced the holiday spirit with a grand New Year and Christmas celebrations. Our office adorned a festive Christmas tree, setting the stage for a joyful atmosphere. The Secret Santa game brought smiles as colleagues exchanged thoughtful gifts.

Santa Claus himself distributed gifts and chocolates, spreading cheer throughout the office. The management treated employees to a delightful Christmas lunch, fostering a sense of togetherness and celebration.

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