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Customer Success Stories:

Millions Touched: Reliance Foundation's Success Story

Reliance Foundation has been a powerful force for good since 2010.

Their dedication to philanthropy extends the reach of Reliance Industries Limited, impacting the lives of over 72 million people in India.

In 2016, they are using our Bulk Broadcasting Tool for sending a weather broadcast to farmers and fishermen alike.

Deepija Telecom’s ConVox Communication Tool has been a game-changer!

It’s significantly boosted their outreach to farmers, scaling daily call volume from 8-10 lakh calls to many more.

This empowers farmers and fisherman across India (Gujarat, Jharkhand, West Bengal) and beyond with vital information, which included:

Crop selection: Advising on the best crops to plant based on season.

Livestock care: Providing guidance on managing poultry and livestock during disease outbreaks, if any.

Weather alerts: Communicate timely warnings about storms and rains.

Reliance Foundation is taking a big leap forward in connecting directly with farmers thanks to ConVox Communication Tool.

We have also developed an interface specifically designed to optimize lead uploads, ensuring no farmer is left out.

Packed with features like call connectivity reports and lead reattempt tracking, this solution tool lets Reliance Foundation to significantly improve their outreach and engagement with the agricultural community.

Trending Technology News:

The Future of Customer Service: How Generative AI is Streamlining Trouble Tickets

Imagine getting super-fast and friendly customer service!.

A New technology called Generative AI (fancy AI for short) can do just that. Here’s how:

  • AI helps agents write personalized replies using templates, freeing them up for tougher problems.
  • This whole system is super-efficient, so you get the help you need quickly. Plus, it keeps learning to get even better!

This is great for businesses selling online (B2B and B2C).

For instance, imagine you have a question about your delivery. Normally, if the rep doesn’t speak your language, it’s a Problem. But with the help of AI, ChatGPT for example,  they can write you a clear email in your language, saving everyone time and frustration.

Generative AI Convox Newsletter March 2024 Image

Here’s the technical part: Any Generative AI can be used with ConVox to make things super smooth. This means less back-and-forth and happier customers.

ConVox also has a special feature that assigns you to the same agent each time, so you don’t have to repeat the same information again and again.

This saves time and the agents can focus on complex issues.

Generative AI and ConVox are like superheroes for customer service, making it faster, friendlier, and easier than ever!

Deepija Telecom Current News:

Burger King spices up Customer Service in Nigeria with ConVox

Burger King Nigeria has at present over a dozen stores in Lagos, Ibadon and Abuja.

They are focused on delivering an effortless customer experience by implementing a cloud-based call center system with CRM integrations which ensures an efficient order management.

ConVox CCS has empowered Burger King Nigeria to streamline their order management process and elevate the customer experience in several ways:

Live Order Taking: Call center personnel can straightway take customer orders with the ConVox CCS while conversations are ongoing.

Real-Time Verification: The system guarantees the validity and effectiveness through the real-time verification of stock, price, and every customer’s information.

Automated Order Processing: In case of an order being placed, ConVox CCS automates most of the operations like payment processing and order confirmation which minimizes the manual intervention and speed up the fulfillment.

Empowered Agents, Enhanced Experience: The capability of ConVox CCS to give agents access to real-time information enables them to provide more pleasant and effective customer experience, thus shortening the call length and increasing customers’ contentment level.

Through our partnership with both Globacom and Alphatech, Deepika Telecom is grateful to our valued customers for choosing us. We are grateful to Elite Foods, the head office of Burger King Nigeria, for the joint venture we have had and we anticipate a long-term cooperation as their preferred contact center solutions vendor.

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