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Customer Success Stories:

Working with Praan Foundation to save lives

Praan Wellness, a non-profit organization in Hyderabad, offers vital counseling and psychotherapy services for individuals dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts. Dedicated to fostering positive transformations, Praan provides a safe platform for those seeking mental health support.

The cloud based ConVox Contact Center Solution is integral to their inbound calling system. As a special feature ConVox allows their volunteer to register as an agent who can take call.

These volunteers can be software engineers to students or housewives.

The scheduler system efficiently manages volunteer availability, directing calls to them. Volunteers lend a compassionate ear to callers, and after the call ends, customers receive a message from Praan Foundation with a link to schedule an appointment with a psychologist.

Since collaborating with Deepija Telecom in June 2022, Praan Foundation has successfully connected with thousands in need. Praan Foundation Helpline number – 8142800800

Trending Technology:

Streamlined Appointment Booking through WhatsApp Bot:

Our innovative solution empowers customers to book appointments seamlessly via our WhatsApp bot, eliminating the need for going to website or call center agents.

WhatsApp bot connects directly with the hospital management system (HMS) and update appointment bookings. Bot system retrieves real-time data on doctor availability to accurately update appointment seeker.

whatsapp bot appointment boooking system

Customers select their preferred time slots, and upon confirming their choice, the system sends a confirmation message. Once confirmed, the appointment is seamlessly integrated with the HMS, and customers are promptly notified.

This streamlined process ensures efficient scheduling, enhancing convenience and optimizing the healthcare experience.

ConVox Newsletter November 2023

Deepija Telecom Current News:

Diwali Celebrations at Deepija Telecom:

Deepija Telecom’s Diwali celebration was a grand affair, with employees donning traditional attire – sarees, half sarees, Chudidhar, and Sherwanis. Our office radiated the festive spirit, adorned with lights and flowers, creating a vibrant ambiance. A collective moment was captured in a group photo of the Deepija Telecom team, shared across our social media platforms.

Expressing gratitude, Diwali presentations unfolded as each employee received a Cookware set, a thoughtful gesture acknowledging their dedication. The sweetness of the occasion lingered with the distribution of traditional Diwali sweets. Deepija Telecom’s celebration not only illuminated our workspace but also strengthened the bonds within our work family.

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