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Predictive Call Center Dialer

Knock out non-responding leads, keep your agent always connected, and improve productivity.

Solution Overview

A predictive call center dialer uses multiple lines to move through a large volume of leads and routes answered calls to the most idle agent. The contact’s information pops up on the agent’s screen as the call is routed to them. A predictive dialer itself discards busy callers, voicemail boxes, no answers, and disconnected numbers and connects the agent only when a callee answers the call.

Product Features


Telecom Media


Data Input




Call History


Lead Re-churn (Manual/Auto)


Dial Pacing(1-10)

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Number Masking


Serial/Ratio based list dialing


List Management (Active/De active/Start Time -End Time)


Call back assignment


Multi Campaign Facility

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Five-Party Conference

call dialing icon

Redial/Alternate Number dialing

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Live Dashboard


Power BI Integration


Comprehensive reports(.xls, .csv)

User Advantages

Maximize productivity

Predictive call center dialing software presents agents with a steady stream of calls, so they spend more time having live conversations and less time dialing. This maximizes their productivity and leads to more conversions, subscriptions, and collections.

Virtual PBX

Eliminate Unproductive calls

A predictive call center dialer has the ability to screen calls, weeding out those that go to an answering machine or result in a busy signal. Intelligent call routing ensures that those calls, never make it through to an agent, which reduces their frustration.

Control Contact Attempts

Predictive call center dialing software offers built-in contact attempt controls so you can stay within the bounds of the legal requirements for your industry, like those pertaining to how many times you can make contact and during what hours of the day.


Reduce Costs

When your business depends on agents reaching as many people as possible as quickly as possible,
predictive dialing software is an optimal solution.
More contacts in a shorter amount of time means a lower cost per contact.

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What is pacing in predictive dialing?

The pacing ratio is the no. of calls that the dialer dials out per agent.

What is the maximum pacing allowed?


Can multiple processes have individual pacing?

Yes. Each campaign can have a unique pacing value configured.

Can Admin change pacing value intermittently?

Yes, the admin can modify the pacing values and the changes are reflected instantly.

What are the dispositions of not connected calls?

Not connected calls are disposed of with relevant hang-up because codes of PSTN such as Ringing, User Busy, etc.

What happens if there is a high connect ratio and less number of available agents to answer the calls?

Once all connected calls are allocated to available agents, extra connected calls are logged in the queue. In the queue we can configure a pre recorded greeting message and promotional audio messages during wait time.

How can we re-attempt not connected leads?

There is manual re-churn option and auto lead- re attempt based on time interval available in admin interface.

What is an alternate number chasing?

If contact has five alternate numbers and the primary number is not answered. Predictive dialer automatically tries the remaining alternate numbers for connection.

Can we re-churn specific disposition leads?

Yes. Admin can allow/disallow re-churn of specific dispositions.

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