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ConVox WhatsApp Messaging Solution

WhatsApp Messaging Solution by ConVox is a powerful tool that helps businesses to communicate and share data more effectively.

Product Overview

The ConVox WhatsApp Messaging Solution is a powerful tool that helps businesses communicate and share data more effectively. It acts as a central hub, connecting different sources of information and communication channels. This makes it easier for your organization to send messages, notifications, and data to the right people. It doesn’t just collect data; it also improves communication and helps you manage information better, which in turn makes your business more efficient.

Product Features of WhatsApp Messaging Solution

WhatsApp Integration icon

WhatsApp Integration:

Seamless integration with WhatsApp for direct, real-time customer engagement and personalized interactions.

Sending Notifications icon

Sending Notifications:

Capability to send notifications to customers and teams, ensuring important messages are never overlooked.

Session Monitoring icon

Session Monitoring:

Track and record customer interactions to assess engagement and enhance communication strategies

Average Chat Timing icon

Average Chat Timing:

Monitor and analyze the average time spent in customer chats for evaluating conversation depth and effectiveness.

Application Registration Icon

Application Registration:

Robust functionality for secure access control and data management within the messaging platform.

User Roles and Permissions Icon

User Roles and Permissions:

Tailor access and responsibilities for different team members based on their roles within the messaging platform.

Notification Delivery Tracking Icon

Notification Delivery Tracking:

Detailed insights into message delivery, read status, and any issues, ensuring a clear understanding of message impact.

Read and Unread Notifications Icon

Read and Unread Notifications:

Distinguish between read and unread notifications for targeted follow-ups and precise communication.

Notification Failure Analysis Icon

Notification Failure Analysis:

Identify and address failed notifications, ensuring critical messages are received through corrective actions.

Creating Templates Icon

Creating Templates:

Streamline and standardize messages for efficiency and consistency through the creation of templates.

User Management-Icon

User Management:

Control access and permissions with an introduction to user management for smooth operation of the messaging platform.

WhatsApp Settings Icon

WhatsApp Settings:

Configure WhatsApp settings to align with business requirements, including quick response setup and scheduling messages.

Reports Icon


Monitor and analyze messaging platform performance through various reports, including appointment details and WhatsApp tracking reports.

User Advantages

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Available round the clock

Whether you are in the office or out to have lunch, you can receive and send emails anytime and anywhere. Your customers can reach out to you whenever convenient for them and you can quickly come up with an action plan.


Detailed Description

Customers can present more detailed information on their queries, and you can provide more detailed solutions. This way, customers can feel that you take their concerns seriously. It is also possible to attach files, such as bills, screenshots, and other relevant documents!



Emails with ticket numbers or IDs are easy to trace and track. You and your customers can always go back to what you have previously discussed.

conference icon


Email support systems can be integrated into other channels. Moreover, sending an email cost the same regardless of distance and the number of recipients.



Email discussions are not available to the public, so customers can rest assured that their information is safe and secure.

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CUSTOMER STORIES of WhatsApp Messaging Solution

Our client case studies of WhatsApp Messaging Solution

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Is campaigning is possible with messaging console?

Yes, Whatsapp campaigning is available in our system. We can configure your own templates and campaign and you can schedule it according to the requirement. 

Is WhatsApp integration available in the ConVox Messaging Console? How do I set it up?

Yes, WhatsApp integration is available. You can set it up by accessing the general WhatsApp settings and we are partnered with Wati, we can directly connect WATI with our application easily and we are open to connect with third party vendors. 

How does chat assignment work in the ConVox Messaging Console? Is it automatic or do I have to do it manually?

In the ConVox Messaging Console, chat assignment can be both automatic and manual. This means you can either let the system automatically send chats to agents, or the message will land to every agent, and based on the availability the agent will pick the chat. The automatic way shares chats based on certain rules, like who is free based on last login agent. 

How will I receive alerts and updates in the ConVox Messaging Console?

You will get alerts and updates in the report/dashboard part of the ConVox Messaging Console. This is where the system shows all the important notifications. Make sure to check these alerts regularly to stay updated on anything that might affect how the system works.

What is Dashboard Analytics in the ConVox Messaging Console?

Dashboard Analytics is like a control center in the ConVox Messaging Console. It shows you important data and how well your system is performing, all in one place. You’ll find key information about your system’s activities and metrics, helping you to understand and manage your operations more effectively. 

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