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Lendingkart, a prominent fintech firm in India, has been a key facilitator of accessible credit for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) since its inception in 2014.

Very soon Lendinkart realized that they need a professional way of interacting with their customers. There existing system was not good enough to support it. They started using ConVox Contact Center solution in the year 2016.

ConVox helped Lendingkart to structure their sales promotion and collection processes. By using predictive dialing their agent productive time almost doubled. Letdingkart could get much higher sales per agent and much better collection per agent. Effective ways of agent training and performance monitoring brought much needed professionalism in there call center setup.

Lendingkart, is growing leaps and bounds. ConVox solution kept changing and customizing with the changing requirements of the fast-growing company. That made us an ideal partner for them. Today they are the bright spot in Indian fintech industry. We value our association with them.


The Predictive Dialer is defined as predicting the agent behavior based on the real-time statistics and historical data and dialing out to customers by adjusting the pacing.

This technology is used mostly in sales tele-calling and collection processes in a call center. Average talk time of an agent more than doubles with the help of Predictive Dialer.

Agent behavior is predicted based on, total calls dialed, answered calls, abandoned calls, average ring time, warp calls, dialed calls, connect time, number of channels, CPS (Calls Per Second), PDD (Post Dial Delay), average talk time of Calls and average answered calls.

Predictive dialer calculates the number of agents who will be available to take the calls in the next moment and change the pace of dialing new numbers accordingly.

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ISO 9001:2015 AND ISO 27001:2013 SURVELENCE AUDITS

Our recent second ISO Surveillance Audits, encompassing ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2013 standards were conducted in December. It was a quality control; security compliance and processes check audit to verify whether the businesses are performing as per the defined standard operating procedures or not.

This comprehensive quality audit check review included system administration evaluations and an onsite inspection including job-related records. We are thrilled to announce the successful retention of certificates. This reflects our commitment to quality, environmental responsibility, and occupational health & safety for another year. The auditor commended that we have passed the audit with flying colors and found no issues with the quality of our management system, facilities and employee attendance

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