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IVR or interactive voice response system is the best part of technology to run customer support effectively. It gives an option to a customer if he wants to connect with a call centre employee or can just find information by following voice responses. In addition, the customer also gets connected to the right person for immediate resolution.

AN IVR must be well designed for better customer support. Here are a few tips to set up a better IVR strategy for a much more pleasant customer experience:

  • First, thoroughly understand what type of questions your customers need to be answered
  • After an analysis, create a menu for an interactive voice response system that gets customers where they require to go
  • Also, make an option with a connection with human
  • Route incoming calls to the agent who is best equipped to handle the required situation
  • Put up customers in a self-service option to serve better
  • Incorporate the business apps into the menu of your IVR

Create your call center IVR in such a way that you will get more satisfied customers and you will be capable of answering all their questions. Here are the ways how IVR can provide great customer service in your establishment.

  • Convenient to make trading name

IVR can increase the work efficiency and hours of availability of agents in the call center. It can resolve a few queries with recorded customer responses. Business processes can promote their brand through IVR to serve better.

  • IVR is a time saver

An interactive voice response system is capable of saving time for both agents and customers. This is the system to assist customers with general queries for which they don't need to connect with an agent. It is the perfect way to get a quick response and the best service. Furthermore, agents may be associated with customers for tricky doubts only. Therefore, more employees will be free to handle other calls rather than easier tasks.

  • Instant call routing

IVR system permits the customer to sidestep the non-required menu options. In addition, it allows them to either share their response verbally or type the response using a keypad. In this way, they will be routed quickly to a suitable representative with the specific skill to handle customer queries.

  • Visual Interactive Voice Response

It is the system to handle customers so they can tap their way through visual menus. Through this system, customers can quickly get into an agent queue. Moreover, such IVR kind also supports speech recognition and text-to-speech in various languages for handling customers of all religions.

  • Record customer reaction

With an IVR system, a call center can record customers' feedback immediately after the call. Sometimes it is not feasible to give an agent's feedback on a direct call, IVR has made this service better for customers as well. Businesses can also send a survey to answer customers powered by options. In this way call centers can get honest opinions easily and can serve the customers better accordingly.

Thus, IVR has become a mandatory tool for driving great customer service on the voice channel.

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