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what is the role of ivr In the travel

The IVR system has become a must-have part of every industry. All modern hotels and travel industries as well require a powerful IVR call system to serve their guests efficiently. These two sectors rely on customer feedback, and an IVR system assists them to enhance customer responses. Let’s have a look at how an effective IVR system can increase your 5-star experience and provide benefits to your brand.

Features of an Interactive Voice Response System!!

IVR is a system that works to automate your business phone system. It provides a variety of useful information to your callers via menu options, voice responses or telephone keypad entries. Ultimately, this IVR system will improve your customer experience by permitting them to get immediate answers to their issues regarding their booking queries in the travel industry such as:

  • Reservations, cancellations and any changes to be made 
  • Any changes in your billing information and lodging preferences
  • Providing feedback to contact customer service

The beauty of IVR is that you can modify it accordingly by ensuring the inquiries are answered. You can also clear your call sequences, and designs and adjust relative controls via an interactive web interface.

IVR System Benefits Travel & Hospitality!!

The IVR system has ample benefits for the travel and hospitality industry. A robust IVR system based on cloud telephony can save your team’s time and cut the overall operating cost which leads to better customer satisfaction.

Round-the-Clock Accessibility:

The primary role of an interactive voice response system is to answer customer calls to provide answers to their inquiries. For instance, If a client calls customer care to know if a hotel in Shimla would be open late at night or if he wants to know about the specific offers of the hotel then a pre-programmed IVR will deliver the required information to him. The IVR is automated and does not need an operator to answer the call and the best thing is it is available 24 x 7.

Improve Customer Service and Experience:

In today's technological era customers are expecting personalized and tailored experiences. They become irritated when they don’t get custom-made communications. Here the need for IVR arises where businesses can create personalized welcome greetings and other menus for your IVR system to improve contact center customer experience metrics.

Center of the Required Information:

Common questions from customers can be programmed into an IVR system. It can equip with information related to services provided, related information about travel packages, hotel room reservation as well as a mode of payment. You can programme them with numerous options from which clients can select accordingly. IVR can be termed as a central location for the needy business and service information.

Overall, the IVR has proved to be a significant part of technology for the travel and hospitality industry. They can increase their customer experience with customized greetings, infinite multi-level menus and actionable data. Now as international and local travel is on the rise, the company must ensure that its IVR system provides an excellent customer experience at each step of their travel journey. As a result, your call center’s customer experience metrics will improve using IVR by mitigating the number of transfer call self-service and prioritizing your company’s high-value clients

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