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best small business phone

For small business owners, one of the most important pieces of equipment is your phone system. It is a voice-over-internet protocol that provides scalable, flexible, and affordable internal and external communication methods to streamline business processes.

Today in 2023 small business phone systems include unlimited extensions, video conference, auto call management, call flow options and text messaging. This makes it easy for customers to reach specific departments.

Business communications are the need of every business that is accessible to clients, suppliers and employees. When you plan to use the small business phone system in 2023, for your business process then you must be aware of the advantages offered by the service provider.


Here are the top choices for business communication platforms that are ideal for small businesses at a cost-effective price.

1. Dailpad

It is a truly unified communications platform for small businesses with advanced built-in AI features. This system supports high-call quality and HD conference calls as well as instant messaging and cloud-based mobility.

2. Ring Central MVP

This is a superior unified communications solution for small businesses that are not interested in incorporations. It offers you a wide range of tools with desktop and mobile apps with cloud PBX and visual voicemail.

3. Nextiva

 It is a cloud-based integrated platform that offers VoIP phone solutions, live chat, team collaboration and customer service tools. This phone system is available on desktops, mobile, and tablets.

4. Vonage Basic

This system comes with “buffet” style pricing and is designed to be a replacement for landline phones. That means you will have basic features like call recording and visual voicemail.

5. GoTo Connect

It is one of the small business phone systems with a cloud-based voice and chats messaging app. This system is best known for its Dial Plan Editor, and ease of use for advanced call routing and call flow strategies.

6. Zoom Phone

Zoom has been a video conferencing product and is now branched into telephony software as well. It will offer you a well-designed global voice network for making international calls regularly. Its pricing model makes it apart from all other best small business phone systems for 2023. This gives an option of metered price per minute Instead of unlimited calling on a fixed monthly or annual plan.

7. 8*8

It is a complete cloud PBX small business phone system offering unlimited local and global calling in 48 countries. Along with this, you will get unlimited calling, fax and SMS facilities with audio-visual voicemail and call recording ability.

8. HubSpot

All-in-one business communications and CRM tool for small business sales using VoIP, customer service and marketing teams.


This is a VoIP-based small business communications solution with analog phones. It is not suitable for growing businesses because it misses a couple of major features and permissions.

10. Free Conference Call System 

It is a small business phone system for 2023 which works on the “Pay what you can” model. This is a system that offers a cheap business phone system that suits small groups or companies. You will get numerous features such as call recording, International calls, Video conferencing and screen sharing.

You can choose any one of the phone systems for your small business and before making a selection make sure you choose a phone system that's a good fit for both your business right now, and also in the future.

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