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five ways to bank

From existing banks to new ones all are changing from traditional tools and techniques. Now all banks make use of cloud telephony solutions for banking to satisfy the needs of clients. As customers’ plea for more control and convenience over banking services, satisfying their needs is sometimes more challenging and complex for banks. Taking into consideration the above-mentioned challenges, banks need to adopt smart IT solutions. Banks must create a stretchy and responsive environment in banks that can swiftly respond to new business needs.

Make Improvements in Customer Experience with Cloud Telephony

  • Provide Amazing Service on Call to Earn Improved Customer Satisfaction:

Large banks with vast budgets of information technology normally have full-fledged call centers with numerous agents. Though, this is not the case with smaller firms that can’t afford manifold agents to handle the high volume of calls. But with the availability of cloud telephony solutions for banking, small businesses can also ensure that they never miss any call of their valuable customer.

  • Personalized Intervention with Customers:

​​​​​​​By including your existing CRM with your IVR, you can provide a more modified experience to callers. Doing this all customer details and past interfaces are observable in one place. Additionally, you can address the customers by their names and not let them reprise their details. Cloud telephony solutions for banking helps in building more profound relationships with customers, thereby growing sales. For instance, if the customer has earlier called in to ask about a product but did not buy it, you can perceptively mention the existing offer running on the product in the next call.

  • Use Verification of Mobile Phone Avoid Scam:

​​​​​​​It is conceivable that some of the customers mention a wrong contact number and this can lead to serious problems going forward. If a customer chooses to take a credit card and dishonestly gives an unfitting number, it will be difficult for banks to trace the person in case of desertion. Here automatic call back feature of cloud telephony solutions for banking can deal in such situations. While authenticating a customer’s phone number, banks can organize for an automatic call back to the listed number. This will play a voice-recorded note with a distinctive code that the customer has to enter while signing up. If the number entered by the customer is incorrect, banks will be able to catch the error and stop a scam.

  • Allow Customer's Immediately Reach to You:

​​​​​​​Presume a customer is looking for a car loan and reaches your website to gaze for the same. However, you have already mentioned every detail about the loan process such as current interest rates, loan installment calculator and related information on the website. Still, the customer likes to connect with one of your agents to ask any further questions then Implementing a “Click to Call” option on your website will easily enable this to take place. When a visitor clicks this widget it initiates a call to the bank’s agent or allows him to enter a phone number to get a callback.

  • Use SMS to Send Payment Reminders and other Stuff to Promotion:

​​​​​​​Cloud telephony solutions for banking support sending bulk SMSs to a big list of prospects and customers. With one click, banks can easily send important information and recent offers and promos to potential clients.

All in all, this service automatically improves sales alteration rates for the banks. It helps banks develop new customer experiences, empower effective association and enhance speed to market.

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